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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mother Mary Miracles - Dancing Sun

Mother Mary Miracles  
Dancing Sun Miracles in Fatima Portugal

Do you Believe it or Not?
Watch the re-enactments Films
and Actual Visuals



 Mother Mary Apparitions appeared in 1917
and God and Lord Jesus Christ Send messages to us of Peace... 

 She give messages of keeping Faith to her and  to God 
for the World Peace....

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 For Me as Bible and God's Believers has strong belief on the Genuity of Apparitions and 
Miracles of Mother Mary in Fatima

In the 19th,  20th  Century our modern World Now the Appearances 
of Mother Mary are appear to us for God messages and having faith and Peace to People.  
She is now the one send by God to guide us in our faith and Peace for our salvation's in our faith to God. 

I promote to everyone to the whole world to keep faith to God and believe in Mother Mary Miracle lights
and help us to keep our faith to God and guide us.....

Keep believing in God and thru Jesus and Mother Mary lights apparitions help to us 
in our life and protecting us in our life..... 
God and Jesus and Mother Mary Lights and Love Bless us all always..... 

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